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Peptide Gel Mask

Peptide Gel Mask

Calming, hydrating and cooling hydrogel sheet mask by Genosys
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Genosys Peptide Gel Sheet Mask is a product formulated to hydrate and revitilise dull looking skin.

Calming, hydrating and cooling, becoming activated with the heat of the skin.
The professional hydrogel mask is intended and designed for restoration and deep hydration of skin. It is produced from highly hydrated material, sensitive to temperature changes. Under the influence of heat the gel gradually turns into liquid, the mask lies close to the facial skin and, as a result, its active ingredients absorb intensively and fully. So, the effectiveness of the mask PHG is higher than the effectiveness of traditional fabric masks with hydrogel.Effects and benefits:It performs deep hydration.It restores and calms skin.It smoothes out wrinkles.

Single piece

How to use

Apply to pre-cleaned and dry skin. Remove the protective film. Put a mask on your face. Leave on for 20 minutes, then carefully remove and remove the remaining mask


Argeline, Chamomile, Hyaluronic Acid, Liquorice Root Extract, Vitamin K, Arnica and Plant Stem Cells.

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